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Zenquotes.io is a simple API that can be used to fetch quotes from infuential figures throughout history into JSON format. While it's not hard to find a database of inspirational quotes online, most of them require registration or just plain suck.

No API Key Required

The Zen Quotes API can be used free of charge but you may not use this service in a manner that exceeds reasonable request volume. When no API key is provided, attribution is required and the number of requests per IP address is limited.

Check out the full documentation →

Unlimited Requests

If you would like to enable Access-Control-Allow-Origin headers, obtain unlimited API requests, make advanced calls, and run your own version of ZenQuotes, please consider a premium subscription.


Influential Figures. Timeless Wisdom.

ZenQuotes.io features inspiration from the world's most important philosiphers, inventors, scientists, religious figures, and leaders throughout history.




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API Requests

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Jul 14, 2024

“You will succeed because most people are lazy.” —
Shahir Zag
Shahir Zag

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 Quick Start Guide

Our API is incredibly easy to use, check out the code samples below to get started:

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Fetch Random Quotes

All you need to do is send a request to https://zenquotes.io/api/[mode]/[key], where:

  • [mode] = retreval type [random,today,quotes]
  • [key] = optional. unlimited access API key

Sample Requests

https://zenquotes.io/api/quotes - Generate a JSON array of 50 random quotes on each request

https://zenquotes.io/api/today - Generate the quote of the day on each request

https://zenquotes.io/api/random - Generate a random quote on each request

https://zenquotes.io/api/image - Generate a random inspirational image on each request.

https://zenquotes.io/api/authors/[YOUR_KEY] - Generate a JSON array of available authors in the ZenQuotes database (API Key Required)

https://zenquotes.io/api/quotes/author/sun-tzu/[YOUR_KEY] - Generate a JSON array of quotes from specific author (API Key Required)

https://zenquotes.io/api/image/author/sun-tzu/[YOUR_KEY] - Generate quote image from a specific author (API Key Required)

https://zenquotes.io/api/quotes/[YOUR_KEY]&custom=true - Generate a JSON array of your own quotes (API Key Required). Currently supports [random] and [quotes] calls.

https://zenquotes.io/api/quotes/[YOUR_KEY]&keyword=[keyword] - Filter quotes by supported keywords (API Key Required)

https://zenquotes.io/api/image/[YOUR_KEY]&keyword=[keyword] - Generate quote image by supported keywords (API Key Required)

Building an app?

Use the [quotes] call to pull 50 random quotes and loop them locally within your app. After a couple hours, refresh the list in your app by calling ZenQuotes again. Full Documentation →

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The result data is formatted as a JSON array. Pre-formatted HTML output is available in addition to raw individual values.

  "q":"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.",
  "a":"Henry Ford",
  "h":"<blockquote>“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” — <footer>Henry Ford</footer></blockquote>"
//.. MORE DATA ..//
  "q":"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.",
  "a":"Albert Einstein",
  "h":"<blockquote>“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” — <footer>Albert Einstein</footer></blockquote>"

 Usage Limits and Attribution

Requests are restricted to 5 per 30 second period, an API key or registered IP is required for unlimited access and to enable Access-Control-Allow-Origin headers. We require that you show attribution with a link back to https://zenquotes.io/ when using the free version of this API.

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