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“I'm an optimist by choice not by stupidity.”
“No matter what happens in life, never lose sight of who you are.”
“We're responsible for everything that happens to us.”
“I want the fishing rod, not the fish.”
“It's possible in ways both large or small to make a difference in someone's life.”
“There's a very deep connection among human beings. All we have to do is open our minds to it.”
“I've always lived in the moment.”
“Music is like creating an emotional painting. The sounds are the colors.”
“Everything great that has ever happened to humanity has begun as a single thought in someone's mind.”
“All you need is passion. If you have a passion for something, you'll create the talent.”
“Having an open mind is one of the most important qualities we can possess. Once our minds close, we stop evolving.”
“You have to give up some of the old so that you can make room for the new.”
“The most important battle is one to conquer yourself.”
“The less you want, the richer you are. The more you need in order to be happy, the more miserable you'll be.”

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