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“Life is but one dream flowing into another.”
“A good master leads you to the true master within. Only that master, who is your own higher self, can adequately answer all questions.”
“Life is a constant series of opportunities.”
“Help others for all the times that you have been ignored. Be kind to others, for all the times that you have been scorned.”
“It is only depth of character that determines the profundity with which we face life.”
“Make your stand today. On this spot. On this day.”
“Death is not an ending. It is a transformation.”
“We can either add to our character each day, or we can fritter away our energies in distractions.”
“The mind that turns ever outward Will have no end to craving. Only the mind turned inward Will find a still-point of peace.”
“It is up to each of us to sing as we feel moved by the overall song of life.”
“The wise accomplish all that they want without arousing the envy or scorn of others.”
“It is secondary whether we choose belief or defiance. What is precious is that we are always able to choose.”
“If we know how to adapt, we end up being superior.”
“Adversity is the tempering of one's mettle. Without it, we cannot know any true meaning in our accomplishments.”
“The primary point of this existence is to live, and all living things move and grow.”
“A moving door hinge never corrodes. Flowing water never grows stagnant.”
“The path is difficult to ensure worthiness. The lazy look elsewhere, The persevering find riches.”
“Things cannot forever go downward. There are limits to everything—even the cold, and the darkness, and the wind, and the dying.”
“Receive without complaint, Work with fate.”
“Turn your face to the sun, as flowers know how to do.”
“We create the world and ourselves;”
“Each day your life grows a day shorter. Make every move count.”
“In nature there is no alienation. Everything belongs.”
“If you practiced for the day, then you have won. If you were lazy for the day, then you have lost.”
“Every day passes whether you participate or not.”
“Who you are is always right.”
“Those who attain the middle Dominate the whole.”

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