Jack Butcher

Jack Butcher

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“Anyone telling you it's pointless to share your perspective is sharing their perspective.”
“What's obvious to you isn't obvious to most people. Operate from this perspective and you'll help more people.”
“Failure is feedback. Learn from it and move on.”
“Give so much away people insist on paying you.”
“How to get more opportunity: Create more opportunity for others.”
“We win by helping each other win.”
“When you view failure as feedback, you get more done. When you view failure as a finality, you get nothing done.”
“Changing minds is harder than finding people who already agree.”
“Make your mind your own business.”
“Progress is limited by your ability to change your mind.”
“Write to help yourself, publish to help others.”
“Productize your perspective.”
“If you can't argue both sides, you can't argue.”
“Information changes your mind. Action changes your circumstances.”

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