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“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.”
“Life comes at us in waves. We can't predict or control those waves, but we can learn to surf.”
“The birth of the mind is the death of the senses.”
“Stress happens when the mind resists what is.”
“Life is a journey, not a destination.”
“Unless someone truly has the power to say no, they never truly have the power to say yes.”
“You don't have to control your thoughts; you just have to stop letting them control you.”
“Embody what you teach, and teach only what you have embodied.”
“Before you can see the Light, you have to deal with the darkness.”
“Be happy now, without reason - or you never will be at all.”
“You can live a whole life time never being awake.”
“Make peace within, and there will be no one who can overcome you. And no one you will wish to overcome.”
“There is no path to Happiness. Happiness is the path.”
“Better to live until you die.”
“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”
“The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination.”
“We cannot always do great things in life, but we can do small things with great love.”
“While some of us act without thinking, too many of us think without acting.”
“You can do nothing to change the past, and the future will never come exactly as you plan or hope for.”
“Your business is not to 'get somewhere' - it is to be here.”
“Death is not sad; the sad thing is that most people don't really live at all.”
“There is no path to Peace. Peace is the path.”
“The seasons do not push one another; neither do clouds race the wind across the sky. All things happen in their own good time.”
“The time is now, the place is here. Stay in the present.”
“May you find grace as you surrender to life. May you find happiness, as you stop seeking it.”
“It doesn't matter what you do, only how well you do it.”
“A warrior does not give up what he loves, he finds the love in what he does.”
“Be gentle with yourself. Think less and feel more. Be as happy as you can. You only have this moment.”
“There is no path to Love. Love is the path.”
“Here and now...breathe and relax...in battle and in life.”
“There are no ordinary moments.”

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